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淬鍊新生 予自信重生

Born to Reborn.


— 深信「根本」的重要性 —

Everything starts from the basic of fundamental as healthy hair that begins at the scalp.

We see the scalp as an extension of your face, but it ages six times faster than your face.

Therefore, we should all be nourishing and taking care of it.

Our products created with attention to detail, efficacy and with our philosophy and belief.

Now enjoy the journey of hair-wellness just from today.



Redefinition yourself

"In every person there is a sun. Just let them shine."  -Socrates


Make everyone be their own sunshine is our core philosophy. Simple and stylish design with selected Achromatic color which makes our product unique and special. 

Monochrome using only black, white and grey which matches and brings out all color. LE BORN not only brings you hair wellness but make you shine. 

You’re the only one who can define yourself. We all born with different color. Never be limited and affected by other people’s words. Have more faith in yourself.